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HANNA Instruments is constructing and distributing analytical instruments since 38 years.

Since 2015 we can support Austrian costumers directly by choosing the right instrument for their needs.


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The european requirements demand professional methods and restirctions for a precise analysis of every enological process. For easy measurments and control Hanna Instruments offers a wide variety of powerful instuments for the analysis of wine: refractometers, pH meters, titrators, turbidity meters (bentonite) 


 Wine line


Hanna Instruments produces high quality equipment for the laboratory: bench top meters and portable pH Meters, EC meters, dissolved oxygen meters, turbidity meters, photometers and titrators.




One of the most important goals of the water treatment is to solve the nutrients from the waste water. This is possible with a combination of biological and chemical processes. Hanna Instruments offers high quality instruments for this required processes: photometers, pH meters and turbitidy meters. 


Water treatment



The monitoring of the pH in diary is crucial, because with this process the diary is checked if there is any kind of contaminations in the product. The following parameter can be measured with the products of Hanna Instruments: pH, temperature, salinity, EC, sodium, and sugar.


dairy products

Hanna Instruments supports your environmental analysis with versatile products offered. Parameters included: pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, chlorine, phosphate, phosphorus, chromium VI, nickel and many more..


environmental analysis


Hanna Instruments offers a wide selection of products, which are specialized for the fish farming industry. With the instruments from Hanna Instruments is it possible to measure all the essential parameter, which are important in the fish farming industry. This includes the measuring of: disolved oxygen (DO), pH, alkalinity, temperature, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, carbon dioxide, hardness, hydrogen sulfide, and salinity. 




Hanna Instruments is a manufacture of high quality instruments. Providing the food industry with the required and proper instruments, in order to perform a proper control of their products. The instruments and the methods are certified. Instruments for the Food industry include: pH meters, thermometers, titrators. 


food and beverage


Hanna Instruments produces and distributes high quality instruments, which can be used  to support the galvanic processes. Crucial parameter like base number, total base number, acid number, napththenic acids, mercaptan sulfur, alkalinity, saponification number, bromine number, hydroxyl number can be determined with the help of a titrator.







Hanna Instruments GmbH

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8020 Graz - Austria

Tel: +43 (0) 31 672 00 29

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